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Our Take: Current market conditions for selling your home
by Krueger Realty

"We constantly monitor the specific market climates in order to help you make the best possible decision. Currently there are balancing factors. Although we believe there is a basic pent-up demand for homes, this is offset by some level of economic uncertainty.  With local inventory remaining low and the percentage of distressed sales decreasing, prices should nudge upward."

The best time to sell is when you are ready, or when you must. That is, when you have outgrown the space in your current home, or you prefer to trade down to something smaller. Perhaps your marital status has changed, which necessitates a move, or you need to relocate for a job.

Market conditions also play a role, as do seasonal conditions. For example, your chances of getting top dollar for your home are more likely in a seller's market, when demand outweighs supply, than in a buyer's market.

Local and national economic factors also may dictate when to sell. If a major employer in your area is laying off workers, it may not be a good time to put your home up for sale.

People will be cautious about buying when the future appears unpredictable. Most agents agree the best time to sell is in the spring. This is when the largest number of potential buyers hit the market. Your home is likely to sell faster and at a higher price, although sales begin to pick up as early as February and start to slack off in July, the slowest month for real estate transactions.

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